Tray ceiling (recessed in ceiling problem)


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Hi Expert friends

I have recently faced a problem, I sketched a couple of rooms and have drawn false ceiling using tray ceiling tool in x12, due to some reasons i had to add a new story over the building.

As it was done it showed me triangle highlighting some problem in every room, when i clicked that triangle it read (failed to construct a tray ceiling, cannot recess a tray ceiling into a rooms floor platform, Enter turnoff Recess into the ceiling option or choose a location that is not below another room)


Can anyone help me to tackle this issue.

I have attached a picture of sample problem please see the drop, framing is visible.


Secondly can we use this tray ceiling to make a drop down ceiling instead of recessed one?


Thanks in advance

Untitled 9.jpg

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I have temporarily sorted the issue, I was using 6" depth, Now I have used 6" depth which has removed this glitch. I don't know why it is done but now it is ok

Thanks to all of you


the reply of second part of my question is still awaited, Maybe Chief people can help?

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19 hours ago, Dermot said:

"Maybe Chief people can help?"


If you are seeking help from Chief Architect, then I recommend that you contact our technical support department.  Please have your product registration information ready.


Sure if don't get my answer in here

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2 hours ago, Captain_Kurt said:

I am also interesting in a partial drop ceiling. More specifically, how to model a recessed pelmet (drapery track in recessed hat section). Ceiling planes, soffits, attic walls, it's all too messy.



Sounds pretty specific what you are looking for.  Since regional terminology fir these items vary greatly I would recommend your own post and put some pictures of what you are trying to accomplish in the post.

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