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I had a stroke 2.5 years ago while at my condo in NH. Since my stroke; I have aphasia, spasticity, dead right side.  I can’t talk due to aphasia but I can write.  Can’t do much without help but the stroke was expected.  A stroke disorder runs in the family. 


My family sold the  condo but not the land in NH for a house. I bought land before my stroke. My long term plan (before the stroke) was build a house on it and live on it. I still dream. I know, no one believe me.  


Anyway, I have a one story house and I designed design. Any thoughts. Things is I need help with:


Q1: crawl space or slab ? things look dry and slab would be money saver.  The would determine the ramp also.  But, most houses have crawl space and basements.  I favor crawl space because I am afraid not be different.


Q2: Is the bathroom ok ?


Q3: i was thinking a heat pump for heat but should I just do electric ?


Q4: Home Depot or Lowe on most generics. hickory vinyl flooring is ok. But I was thinking of triple pane windows and installation. Any comments? 



Now what ? I Never did this ? House plans spec is what I need.  






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1. Is this in N.H.? If so, a slab might not be a great choice due to insulation and frost heave. It is a good question for a local builder or architect. A slab can save you a lot of money


2. the bathroom is o.k. but I would reconsider the vanity space. That is not a lot of counter space even if just for one person.


3. Heat pump heating systems are very efficient. Will you have solar panels? If so, you could end up with net zero with a well insulated house and a heat pump heating system. Also take a look at the radiant panels by Mighty Energy http://mightyenergy.net/


4. Your space planning is o.k. but not great by any means and there are some bright red flags that I would suggest changing.

a. the entry is very compressed. Also, if you are in a cold climate, don't you want a distinct entry so you don't open the front door and lose all your heat?

b. the closets are at odd and not useful sizes. Unless the closet is a walk in, having it be only slightly larger than 25" deep is not practical. It is also a hassle for accessibility. And, based on your post, accessibility is the key here. The walk in closet needs to be a minimum of 80" wide. Even at 80" it is a challenge to have 2 rows of clothes and comfortable isle. Any smaller than 80" and you are better off at 60" with clothes on one side.

c. The living area does not work well for furniture or flow. I would not lay the house out like this. Unless the key element is to have the bedrooms on opposite sides of the house, I would change this layout. For a house this small, to create the kitchen in it's own room is really hurting you. A more open plan would work a lot better.

d. 25'10" makes no sense. Start this design with whole numbers and even numbers are better than odd. Make that 26' x 44'

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I was a computer scientist and now zoom is beyond me.  My memory is gone is in spots.  Phone and spoken Lang are not good either.  I will post update and appreciate comments. My email I can do but that is difficult.


 right now gawdzira inputs we’re good. I will post a new plan when I get it.  Any comments be welcome.


once I have a plan, I was I need professional to make design spec. I don’t how to find one and what cost.


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Some more food for thought. This is a different recent design for an ADU that had a different shape allowed for the building due to set backs. Again, these are very constrained projects due to the scope and available space on the lot. I am not sure if you have such constraints.

Screenshot 2020-10-22 113310.jpg

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