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I've posted this in the past but have seen folks making doors from solids or importing SU files so thought I'd drop this in again.

Warning-No video, very little instruction.

There is an assortment of objects against the wall that can be used to make panels for doors or waisncot. Camera is set up in case molding needs adjustment.

Then there are a couple of wall cabinets- set to 3/4" depth, sides and back are openings with no separation (hint-make the cabinet front that way and set the left and right separation of the front to 0" (not default !))-then for each side and back select "match side" then select "custom face", once done go to the front and change it)

Set default separation width to desired, make all separations default (or not) change opening to side panel inset, select one of the wainscott panels you converted to cabinet door symbols.

Select cabinet and convert to symbol.

IF you want to make a full size normal door. It will look better if you do it in stages. You want a wainscot panel for the cabinet that centers front to back in the frame. IF need a raised panel make sure it is raised on both sides (can get a little tricky to make that one). Convert to symbol cabinet door first, place in plan, resize the depth to the thickness of the house door you want, CHANGE the Y stretch plane to center of the door (open symbol DBX) then convert that to a regular Door symbol.

The reason to go through stages is that if you just convert the 3/4" cabinet door to a door you get an extra line along the side when the depth is increased-bit annoying.

New Door template.plan

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