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58 minutes ago, OneChickNoHammer said:

I did this one for users who may not be comfortable with using stretch planes.

Once you get this video done, I'm sure it will help new users see that a stretch plane will indeed be faster to accomplish and will accommodate all view types. Just don't forget about the 'auto-generate' for the 2d block. Looking forward to see what you come up with!

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Thank you Rob Dyck,

I came up with solution for a design I'm working on now (and thought of the stretch plane solution then).  I used Home Designer for many years and of course, those programs don't have (or didn't when I used them) stretch planes.  So, I guess I was thinking more about those types of users.  Also, I know someone who is on X8 and though this person is fantastic with design, custom roofs and stretch planes are a little beyond their grasp right now.  I don't think we should all assume that every user has our same level of experience.  :)


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