Missing standard Chief Linetypes in X12


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One of my drafters has about 7 of the original linetypes that come with X12. Is there a way to reestablish the default linetypes, hopefully without reloading the program.

I can't export them out of my X12 unless they are mixed with other sets of things.

He had a folder in his user library called CAD that had all the missing ones listed, but nothing was assigned to the names so still no linetypes.

Thanks for the help.

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Those folders, while all the subfolders and names are there, there is no symbology.

These names also don't show up in the standard linetype choices in the standard dbx.

I am not at his machine so no snapshots. But envision opening a line, selecting linetype, and seeing only the 20 Basic linetypes available.

And yes, it appears these folders may have been 'moved' or copied to a folder called CAD under the User Library but I can't verify that until Sat. evening.

These core directories should be recoverable.

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Sounds like someone has Purged the line styles in the Line Style Management dbx.

This will remove any unused linestyles and only leave the used ones.

As you select and use linestyles from the Library, they are added to the available linestyles dropdown and are saved with the plan.


I do not know why you aren't seeing any linestyles in the Library.



I can't export them out of my X12 unless they are mixed with other sets of things.

You can copy the linestyles from the library of one Chief installation to another without getting other things.

In the Library, right click on the Linestyles folder.

In the popup, select Export Library and save it to your desktop.

Open the Chief Architect app with the missing Linestyles and drag the file (it will be a *.calibz file) from the desktop to the drawing window.

Or you can go Library>Import Library and select the file for import.


This will not restore the Linestyles to the Core catalog, it will place them in the User Catalog.


You still need to figure out why the linestyles aren't showing in the Core catalog.

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The Standard X12 Template file only comes with 10 Linestyles pre-installed now, the rest are now in the Core Library as noted due to complaints about how long the Linestyle List had gotten and all the scrolling that was needed. There is also a X11 Template available with only 6 lines styles in it for the same reason.




A Repair Install of Chief from the Control Panel >Programs and Features App may work to fix the Core library corruption but there is also this KB article which may let you re-install the Core Linestyles only :





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