Dormer not working


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13 hours ago, DavidJPotter said:

With only an image to go on, no one can do anything except guess, please share a copy of your ".plan" file so helpers can then look and report.




12 hours ago, rgardner said:

Plan file?


The plan file is the actual drawing file itself.  The best thing you can do is save it.  Closet it out of chief then upload it to here for someone to take a look at.  Seeing the 2d floor plan and  a cut-away section does not help or let us know what the issue is.  A well worded concise note about the issues with the .plan file included will net you lots more answers.

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On 5/31/2020 at 5:56 AM, OnlineBuilder2 said:

Can anyone tell me why my dormer window is all strange inside? 

roof 1.jpg


A couple of reasons:

  1. Chief currently has a problem building all of those surfaces, especially if there's furniture in the plan, even though the surface count may not be excessive. You may have all the settings correct, and Chief will still randomly open up some of those ceiling connections. Double click the roof in that view, close it, and it will rebuild correctly.
  2. Roof planes and vaulted ceiling planes don't seem to like using the "Use Room Ceiling Finish" setting. It's a good idea to makes sure that all the ceiling layers are correct, for the roof, for the defaults, and for each room, but still this option needs to be unchecked.
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