Slab Glass door and Wall covering on Glass wall


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A "Wall Covering" is for walls, and not doors. For a door you could use a custom back-splash carrying a custom .png based material. I think you need to communicate exactly what kind or sort of "Frosted" look that you are trying to achieve for others to offer a precise solution, how is it supposed to look, find an existing photo or example so those who would wish to help you then can.



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You have a few options, but you might not like any of them!

  1. use a polyline solid on the doors to match the frosted wallcovering (this won't 'move' with the doors)
  2. make a door symbol out of solids that match the frosted wall covering. (this won't be simple to adjust the pattern vertically if you decide to adjust the frosted wall covering)

I'd use option 1 until I know the design is finalized.

Check out the attached plan.


Sample glass partition.plan

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