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I appreciate the effort your putting into this Eric. However I can't help but wonder if Chief couldn't have found a more convoluted way to format numbers. Why the heck would a programmer leave more "programming" to the users for something as crucial as the appropriate display of numeric information? I don't think its reasonable that I should need to learn this, nor do I think its reasonable that I need to add to the label or OIP of every object just to get a chosen number style to display in either a label or a schedule. I feel  a bit embarrassed to put out a schedule, let's say for beams; where all the dimensions are inches instead of feet-inches. I feel even more embarrassed that this Number Formatter is what Chief offered up for control of this. If I open up the schedule I've got this nice little box allowing me to choose my text style (love it)...and then I've got this other little box at the bottom called Number Style that's about as useful as a 3rd nipple. Every now and then I've got to give it a flick just to see if it does something new.....Nope!

I'd suggest Chief add a true Number Style control box for each column included in a schedule, as well as replicating the text style control of layers with matching number style controls. 



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Thanks for taking the time to do that Eric.  Sometimes just another person's perspective is quite helpful in understanding a complex situation.  I made up a library reference note from your test plan file that people can keep in their library and drop into a plan file when working on Number Formatting or simply view it in the library preview panel.



Ruby Notes - X12 Number Formatter Defaults.calibz

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