Phantom BS (Back Splash) no politics involved


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OK, I'm sure that even though I've done a pazillion kitchens I am overlooking something obvious. Can you please tell me where this little piece of BS is coming from, and how to get rid of it. I'me sure that it is something simple. I have pulled out the filler and it persists. I tried going forward with the custom BS thinking that I could over-ride it, but it persists. I have closed, rebooted, and it persists! I'm beginning to think it may be a bug!


Of course, I need to get this out today, too.


Thank you in advance for your time, ~Cheryl


Phantom BS.jpg

Cushing Jeremy & Andre Ver

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seriously squirrely! thank you Mark, Richard & Eric for your promptly helping me this morning. Since we are doing everything virtually, Feel the Hugs!


As it happens this is the home of medical providers that started kitchen demo late Feb. They have been too swamped to give me what I needed until Sat. 


I think that Rev A was started before the last update. I wonder if that had anything to do with it.


Anyway, My Sincerest THANKS! Cheryl

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39 minutes ago, Rpadge said:

I opened and closed the DBX of the base cabinet below the offending BS and it went away.


Robert, I did that at 1 point and it went away. Then I zoomed out and like magic it reappeared. Thanks for looking, though.

50 minutes ago, dshall said:

this is the cabinet that was effecting the backsplash. (it it 3")1333158134_ScreenShot2020-04-27at10_27_31AM.thumb.png.128cf03809db3eef8548cc3e72cfb925.png1333158134_ScreenShot2020-04-27at10_27_31AM.thumb.png.128cf03809db3eef8548cc3e72cfb925.png

Thanks, Scott! Boy, that's a   l o n g  way from the wall to carry a BS. Waste Can Cab saved to my library who knows when. I will delete and save another w/o BS or as Richard suggested, set to -0-.


Thanks for this! ~Cheryl

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Yeah, I'm OK only lost a few min work. I knew something was nutty when I couldn't get the same results that you did.

I went into the archive file and found one that I sort of trust. It's only a kitchen, but I hate the feeling of little confidence.


I've sent a zip of the last auto-save that has data to tech support. It's been my experience that the engineers are awesome at forensic work. I doubt that it'll remain an issue.


Mark, I so very much appreciate your assistance and thoughts on this! ~Cheryl

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