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I have a plan here with an attached RV storage adjacent to the house.  It shares a  wall with the house.  I would like hip walls only on this particular plan. Each time my roof is auto built I have a house/RV wall length where  the roof is not actually connected to the house itself - it looks correct over the RV storage area but is wide open along the house side. -??? The RV storage is 12 ft. tall (no ceiling) and the house itself has 9 ft. ceilings. I'm not sure if I've even drawn it accurately as it probably needs to be  on a bearing wall. So do they share the wall between them or do I need some sort of additional support/wall? 

Rambler House.plan

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1 hour ago, akabuilder said:

This was exactly what I was wanting. Can you explain how you were able to do a separate roof over the RV storage and complete the roof lines on the house - Thankyou


Delete the Roof baseline Polylines same as Eric said.

Open the dbx for the RV room, General panel>Options>Roof Group - change to 1.

Auto build roofs.

Are you really sure that is the way you want to build that roof?

What is going to happen to all the water that runs down the house roof and hits the wall of the RV room?

How are you going to get access to that space between the two roofs?

I would never build a roof like that, and I advise you not to build it like that - not a good idea at all.   

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