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    • By Dougak
      is there a preferred model or does it matter Laptop vs desktop?  I have outgrown my laptop, x12 crashing and I am experiencing a lot of lag... 

    • By LeeDrafter
      My "My Documents" folder on my work computer is actually on our server, and I know CA is not meant to be used over a network. I would like everything Chief Architect uses "My Documents" for to go in a different folder. How do I re-direct everything that references "My Documents"? I have started a folder on my hard drive called "CA My Documents" and was hoping to use that as the replacement folder. I have already moved all the CA files and libraries that I can find, but chief seems to look for that My documents folder sometimes.
      Thank you,
    • By Louie_Carter
      I have a new laptop.  I have installed my Chief X5 from disc to the new laptop,then updated it.  My old laptop still has all of my Chief X5 plans, files, and textures. I exported .calibz files easily and loaded those to the new laptop. However, I am missing quite a few User symbols and textures that did not seem to install correctly.  I thought my .calibz export/import would have taken care of that.  So, where can I locate the missing ones in my file system on the old laptop, and then where do I install in the file system on the new laptop (I'm assuming a copy to thumbdrive and then paste to the new laptop) so that missing textures can be discovered by Chief?
      Thanks for any help that you can offer.  I did not find a specific answer in doing a forum search, some that were similar, but not exactly what I needed.
    • By warrenwest
      Dang nabbit. Is it just me or is anyone else having this issue? Since last weeks update, 6 crashes in the space of 2 client presentations on a new MacBook pro. Since the update today 3 crashes in the space of half an hour on my iMac ( never had this issue before ). Basically making the software unusable at the moment.
    • By Designers_Edge
      I have been working in X10 w latest update, setting up my defaults in a custom floor plan template for my kitchen or bath remodels.  When I check out my door style selections etc in the full camera view, the cabinet lines are blurry and jagged WHEN the camera view is at an angle.  When the camera view is straight on like a wall elevation, everything is perfect. I edited the current camera and turned off bloom, reflections, ambient occlusion etc., but it made no difference.  I hope someone can tell me how to eliminate or improve what should be a straight forward quick view of a room.  Thank you so much.
      iMac Retina 5K, OS High Sierra--
      I have several screen shots showing:
      1.  A straight on full camera view without these issues
      2.  An angled camera view and Chief Architect default camera settings
      3. An angled camera view with all of the default camera settings turned off.