Help with a second floor (X12)


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So, I am an interiors user and understand that I may not have the functionally needed for this, but I am trying to help someone out and learn at the same time.

My issues are:


-I added a second floor to this plan but they don't seem to interact well with the flat parapet roof I have drawn and I don't know how to fix it, big gap shown between.

-I also don't know how to accurately move one floor relative to another, I turn on the reference floor but cannot select that layer to measure from, is that possible?


I'm not an architect or builder, I normally draft interior cabinetry so my knowledge of how something like this would be built in real life is limited, so please pardon me if I'm going about this all wrong.


I have attached the X12 interiors plan for anyone that might have a minute to take a look and give me some advice.


Thanks a lot and I hope you are all doing well.






7 Butler Ave REV-0 (07FEB20).plan

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Mike... You can also add a parapet to a flat roof by using a gutter.

Ideally the roof wants to come out to the edge of the outer wall. This walls on that particular floor in check so to speak.  


Make a square stock gutter. Say 2" x 6"  

In the gutter options Set the y axis plus 2" and the x axis to minus 6".

The gutter sits flush with the EPDM, and is inset, just as you would have in a real world condition.

Then the material gets colorized black to match the roof.


Roof aerial .jpg

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good idea Val.  Only problem is I'm using interiors and I don't have access to gutters that I can see.


That building looks very similar to what I am trying to achieve structurally though so I may have more questions for you as I move along.


Thanks for the input.

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Thanks for that video Eric.  Maybe it has something do with interiors?  I can use the align wall feature without issue but unfortunately no snapping to those refence wall lines for me.  My snapping works as normal for everything else though.

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