3D Layout Images Printing Random Images (X12)


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My layout file will show my 4 selected 3-D images (4 different camera views), but when I print a hard copy or print to Chief's PDF, the images that come out are 4 identical images, and it's a view chosen at random. In a pinch, I had to Print Screen my layout page, crop, and paste in Word Document to print and bring to a meeting. So the images I want are there on the screen just not printing out. Does anyone have suggestions on how to correct?

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1 hour ago, Cailin said:

Does anyone have suggestions on how to correct?

It sounds as if you took a 3D view sent to layout as update on demand, then moved the camera sent to layout update on demand,...etc. So you only used one camera. Chief will update those views when printing. Since you used only one camera they will all look the same.

IF that is the case then either send to layout using current screen as image OR export the view and  then import it. The latter is used if you need better DPI than you get just using the send as image.

IF that is not the case the best way to get an answer is to backup entire project from the layout, send to zip and post it. Note that the file must be under 25MB once zipped so if large plan you will need to trim the plan of non essentials.

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