Need assistance putting together Construction set of Plans in CA X12

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I need someone who is well qualified, either, in their having worked on and completed,

several big high end residential projects, here, locally, in SW Florida now.

I need someone, who’s got some plans submitted now already now with several building departments here locally as well.

Make no mistake though, I will be producing most all of the work on my end. I basically, need

to find someone, who, can and will work together with me, to develop and critique my plans

until I’m sure that they’re the best that I can do, before submitting to the proper building authorities now, I.e. building depts, State of Florida DEP, Structural Engineers and others.

Please, let me know, what you might charge to do this per hour/ paid by Pay Pal?DE6E0748-4B4B-41AF-86DD-2D5C7DDC51A9.thumb.jpeg.fd9a685a9aa4816e0ac3ac0c7dd6d60f.jpeg33564CC6-9EB7-4C24-AE8A-CC4AC40326F2.thumb.jpeg.b0aeb60105d9f7695722b7cc2eb83a05.jpeg6A2F35A6-5C47-4B69-B001-5BEA17EC4A41.thumb.jpeg.8ff8baa82dff7031703a4a525044d3f7.jpeg1023634299_Kaplannew_4-Photo.thumb.jpg.93aef43db339dc93b0caee517da9fa30.jpg623278093_Kaplannew_5-Photo.thumb.jpg.a1b7f370dc1366d4074c46afcf4c6146.jpg

Please, feel free, to contact me directly at the phone, email address listed below now.


Douglas Burgmann

Beechwood Design Solutions, Inc.

dba Accurate Asbuilts & Designs

(970)987-4476 cell/txt/msg



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I worked with a builder in Texas that moved to Florida. I have not communicated with him in years but you can try him and if retired perhaps he can refer you to someone active:


Bill and Karen Witte

18911 Fairwood Court
Tampa Florida 33647
United States of America

Tampa, Florida 33647


(813) 991-6669


The image below is the last project we did together back in Version 9. House stands in Tampa




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