How to make a 6'8" door with a 1'4" transom above


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1)I need to create a 3' x 6'8" with 1'4" Transom. I need it to look Similar to attched picture as a 36" width door. 

Would appreciate any help. Bedroom 2 entry door was one I was trying to make , then copy it other places. trim overlaps door on top.

2) Also home is 24" off grade built up under slab. any suggestions appreciated.  second floor will be left unfinished for future build out .

3) garage door into house is showing below 24" raised for ada lift and steps. 


Thanks for any help. 






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    • By ARF_PSG
      So.., I know this may sound counter productive and not make much sense to the 99%, but i think i might have found a bug in the software (X-15).  Here's what happened:
      When placing a default interior door I set the size to 2880 (Its a Swing door).  I then converted the door to a symbol and renamed it (I find it quicker for myself, to pick a premade door from the library browser). I then placed the door on a wall with perfect success.  It has all the components that I want and the type that i want. .  Here's where things get wonky.... I then change the size of the door to a 2080 and convert it to a symbol once again.  The difference now is it turned the new symbol door into a bifold door.   Does anyone know why a Hinged door would revert to a bifold door when the size is 24" or smaller?  Is this a bug Chief Crew?  
    • By JKEdmo
      Regarding door placement tool:
      Does Chief have any hotkeys that toggle the door orientation during placement?  For example, toggle between inswing / outswing and left / right?

    • By exallspanian34
      So, I'm working on this duplex, created a door schedule.... and the entry door labels are being mixed up somewhat with the doors into the garages.
      Both entry doors should be D07, and both Doors into the garage should be D09.... but one of each is switched around...  one of the entry doors on the plan is called out as D09, and one of the Doors into the garage is being called out as D07... 
      And, yes, if I open the doors from the plan, they are showing up correctly in the dialog box.

    • By toucanskeleton
      The title basically describes it. Is there a way to display a door as open in certain views (i.e. an elevation view), but not in others (i.e. on the floor plan, or a different elevation view)? And, if I want it to display halfway open in 3D views, but not on the floor plan, is there a way to do that?
    • By McCallOfTheWild
      Hello everyone
      New to the Chief forum. I'll get right to it... I recently got magic plan for an iPad I have to easily do a floor plan when on site (Have always used pencil and 11x17 paper). It has it's ups and downs, but for the need to know dimensions (I shoot with laser, and it auto populates) it's been great and has cut my sketching time in half. 
      I have learned that Magic Plan can export DXF files. I have been watching tutorials on YouTube, and have learned how to import DWF/DXF into Chief. Learned about layering and so forth. 
      Here's the problem. When I import to chief and get all my ducks in a row, and layer all I can, chief won't recognize the cad windows when I go into perspective view. chief thinks they're all door openings in the wall when I Cad To Walls. How do I fix this? Using Chief x10.
      Thanks in advance.