Working with both Macbook Pro and PC Backups


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I am looking for some experienced advice...I am looking to switch from a PC and buy the new MacBook Pro16.  We also have Designers using PC Desktops.  Question, will I have any trouble backing up projects on the MacBook Pro16 and then passing them on to someone using a PC Desktop computer?


I appreciate any advice!

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I don't believe so , I am not aware of any issues with compatibility between Os's but best to post this in the Q&A Section as I am not a Mac User .


Also do a search on MAC BOOK PRO 16" on the Forums I have seen a couple of posts in the last\ week or two about them...



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You should probably move this post to Q&A (TIPS & TRICKS is to share your tips and tricks with others).


But to answer I am a mac user and work with a couple of builders and a designer who use Chief premier x11 on pcs and interiors x11 on a mac and there is never a problem back and forth.

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