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I would draw the fireplace wall...on an angle (like 45 degrees).  Place your fireplace...I use a window for the fireplace and place a fire picture on the glass.  


Then...I'd take a backclipped elevation looking directly at the 45 degree wall.  


Then...I'd use a wall material region to place some big region or small individual pieces if they will have different textures.  If you want to change the texture on each then you may want to create a Cad Detail from view from the B/C elevation view...then draw each piece of tile using a cad polyline...then, copy and paste these tile cad blocks back to your backclipped elevation...then, convert these cad blocks to material regions.  You can't convert to P-Solids because when you curve the wall...the solids won't curve along with the wall.


Then...once all the material region tile pieces are placed, select the wall and curve it to your desired radius.  The material regions will curve along with the wall.  


You don't want to try and draw material regions onto the curved wall...just about impossible.




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