How to make a inverted subway tile?


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54 minutes ago, rlackore said:

For your inverted tile, a normal map is all that is necessary (my opinion). Googling 'normal vs bump map' will lead you to further reading. Here's a better version of the material - I removed the pronounced shadow from the left bevel so the fake shadow isn't biased to the left: inverted tile improved.calibz



Robert thanks for doing this...the tile is actually 3x6 so i tried adjusting scale down but the texture and the pattern don't match up...the original tile you had at 12x6 and now 

11 13/16x6...i could move pattern in x direction until it matches...perhaps something on the orginal?

inverted wc tile.jpg

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2 hours ago, rlackore said:

When I "improved" the material the Texture>Retain Original Aspect Ratio checkbox got checked unintentionally. Changing the material to 3x6 is easy, just adjust everything in the Material dbx:


yes i did that but i was trying to keep your texture file the same exact size, once i changed both to 3x6 they aligned...thanks again..looks great.

inverted wc tile 2.jpg

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