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17 minutes ago, para-CAD said:

Chief has that still today.  Setting door and windows to 80” above top of subfloor places the bottom of the header at the same 80” but the location where the bottom edge of the top door trim and the bottom edge of the top window trim don’t align and always need adjustment. This only becomes an issue when making mulled doors with side windows.  And it seems most designers will get it close and assume the framer will figure it all out on the job site.


It can be an issue for sure especially since most exterior Doors need a higher header height to fit due to the Door Sill/Threshold eg 82 1/2" in the real world for an 80" door , the problem in Chief is because they "build" the windows to the outside of the Frame size (called Heel Size) but with Doors they "build" them based on the Inside of the Frame size ( with no gaps or the Door Size eg 36 x 80").


So lifting the Windows a couple of inches maybe needed ITRW to match header heights depending on trim etc.



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On 11/11/2019 at 9:07 AM, para-CAD said:

Back in the late 80s in Texas, we cut 11 ¼” off of a precut stud so that a 2x12 header could fit over an opening. Not all headers were 2x12, but it standardized everything for when such load bearing support was needed.  This worked well but doors and windows always seemed to not exactly match at the top and needed custom trim ripping to get right.  The space over the door was always bigger than over the windows.


they do that here, except for 2x10


some things never change. A framer did that for a 16" window of mine. I told him I'd rather have the insulation, thank you


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On 11/7/2019 at 1:46 PM, BrownTiger said:

Not sure what are you asking...

Here is a macro: 


I created OIP "HeaderHightASF", assigned this macro. Whent to the scheduler, double clicked added this OIP "HeaderHightASF" and it showed up just fine.


Revised per Kbird1 suggestion below:

Proper: headerHeight2.json   = header_elevation

attached is for inches - fractions as that is what my schedule has


Thanks to BrownTiger for doing the hard work


instructions. import this json file below by going to CAD->Text->Text macro Management

Then click on a window and put %headerHeight% in "Code" text box under "Object Information"

close the window

goto your windows schedule

Add code from the available fields to your schedule.

Change the name from code to "RO Height from Floor"


The above is the lazy way. proper way would be to add a custom field in the window as shoheight of RO.jsonwn above


Ultimately I was looking for height in inches off the subfloor that the RO (not header) is at. As here, they put a 2x6 below the header. I believe this macro will do that


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Here is my window label info and my door label.

Thanks to Joe for the the macro for Header height.

Thanks To Michael for the window and door label, and modifying the fonts for me.



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Most windows get cased (trimmed) to cladding (unit edge at perimeter) at exterior and over-with-reveal on inside.


This means if heights of windows are tweaked so door head trim height matches  that of windows, you cannot do it for both in and out.


Check it out.  Casing (at head) for an exterior wood-framed door is about 1/2" LOWER outside than inside, while for a clad window it's opposite.  Exterior is HIGHER out versus in.


Chief models casings with better realism for doors than it does for windows, for me at least, because all my jobs use clad windows.

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