How to create life-like grass?

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3 hours ago, solver said:


$99USD unless you are a 1 man band operation , then it's only $37 --- Nice ! 



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On the subject of textures, DavidJPotter clued me in to which has a nice tool for making brick walls: 


It's not 100% seamless, but as long as the bricks on the left and right aren't dramatically different, it doesn't seem to matter. The mortar is seamless of course. I went into this programs data files and modified the source images for one set of bricks using bricks from another manufacturer and was able to create a brick texture that looked essentially identical to my reference photo (included below).



Back to grass... I felt the settings discovered by Westlanedesigns looked a bit too wild.  So far, my attempts to produce neatly mowed grass have not been fully satisfactory. I reduced the size of the grass plant (provided earlier in the thread) to 15x30 and change the color of the source texture a bit.  Then I applied it to the garden bed with a distance of 3.5 (instead of 6) and size range of 10 to 17% (instead of 25 to 50).  I set the sidewalks at 5" (height and thickness) and the garden beds containing the grass to only 1/8".  This produces a more clipped look but unfortunately has some repetitive spotting.


I was able to use a smart selection and masking minimize the artifacts in photoshop however.


EDIT: I added a picture with the original grass settings in the front near the street. The grass looks very wlid in general and especially around the edges which are not contained within the defined areas for the grass at all. I'm not sure what Westlanedesigns was doing to make his look a bit more contained than that (perhaps taller/thicker driveway and sidewalks).






reference photo.jpg


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