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1. I have a laptop and a desktop; can I install this program on both?

Absolutely. Chief Architect programs can be installed on multiple computers for personal use, though you can activate the software on one computer at a time. To switch from using it on one computer to another you first deactivate it via the program’s Help Menu. This is simple to do and takes almost no time to accomplish. Internet connection is required when switching.

Here’s an article on our website that explains this further:

You can find more licensing information in the End User License agreement in the program User’s Guide.

2. How long will it take me to learn the software?

Just like with everything, this largely depends upon the person, their experience with home design and with computers. Our software is known for being extremely intuitive and has a very low learning curve compared to many of our competitors. Some people are up and running in a matter of hours, while others take a bit longer. We do have over 600 training videos available on our website (for SSA members) as well as hundreds of articles written in-house to help with the learning curve and answer many questions you might have. We also have online training classes and personal training services available. Here are some resources you might find helpful:

3. Do I have to be connected to the Internet to run the software?

You need to have an internet connection in order to activate and deactivate the license. Once it is active, you can run the software for up to two weeks without connecting to the internet. If you do not have internet access, you have the option of purchasing a physical Hardware Lock, which fits into your USB port and activates the software.

4. Can I work in metric units in this software?

Our software has been designed to work with imperial or metric units. You can display both metric and imperial units if you work with both.

5. What is SSA?

Support and Software Assurance (SSA) is a benefit package for our Chief Architect products which includes the following:

  • All upgrades and major releases. In other words, when we release new versions of our software, you can upgrade for no additional charge if your SSA is current.
  • Access to over 600 training videos on our website
  • Access to additional catalogs online, including over 100 Manufacturer catalogs.
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Access to the download of your software
  • Discounts on Training Services

If your SSA expires, you will lose access to your online features, including the software download. SSA is completely optional, and if you choose not to purchase it, or renew it in a year, it will not affect the software license itself or how the program runs, but it will affect these additional benefits.

6. Do I need to order a back-up DVD?

Chief Architect software automatically comes as a download. You will have access to your download for at least a year, or as long as your SSA is current. In other words, if you keep up on your SSA, you will always have access to the download. If you choose not to renew your SSA, you will not be able to re-install by downloading via your online account and will need a DVD or backup copy of the download to re-install the software. Also, if you have poor Internet service it might be easier for you to install via a DVD instead of via the Internet.

You are welcome to make your own back-up of the installation. We have a help article to assist you with this here:

7. When I check out, there is nothing in my shopping cart. What do I do?

You can call our sales department at 208-292-3400 to place your order directly or you can change your internet security setting to allow handling of internal cookies. Feel free to change these setting back to the original settings after you purchase.

8. I see when I go to check out that you have a place for a discount code- do you have any promotions going on right now?

We will put any and all sales on our website here:

9. I see that you have two versions, Interiors and Premier, but I cannot figure out which one I need.

Interiors is simply a subset of the Premier version; in other words, every feature of the Interiors is contained in the Premier, plus more.

The Interiors version is developed for Interior and Kitchen and Bath Designers and has all the 3D rendering capabilities, full cabinet control, and tens of thousands of library items to place in your design, though it will not have any framing, deck or terrain capabilities. If you need all the components of Lite and Interiors, the Premier version will be the best fit. You can find a full comparison of these three products here:

10. What if I start with Interiors and later figure out that I need the Premier version?

Contact our Sales Department at 800-482-4433 or 208-292-3400 to proceed with this conversion.

11. What is the difference between Home Designer Pro and Chief Architect software?

You can find a full comparison between Home Designer Professional and the two Chief Architect products here:


12. Will this software work with AutoCAD files?

Premier and Interiors can import and export DXF and DWG files, which are standard AutoCAD file types. These programs have a feature called CAD-to-Walls, which will derive a 3D model from the AutoCAD layers that they’re built on. Here’s an article that explains a little of how this works:


13. How many Library items will I have with this software?

Chief Architect Premier contains over 75,000 items for you to work with and place in your plan, including the Bonus and Manufacturer content available on our website to SSA members. You can see a full list of all available additional library content here:

3D Library

14. Can I return the software if it’s not the right fit for me?

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee on our software. Details can be found here:

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