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Nothing in there looks good when redone. Appliances can be tough. I generally place them in a blank plan, resize, sometimes changing the stretch planes in the sizing tab of the "Open symbol" DBX. Then shoot a 3d view, tools, symbol,convert to symbol-check advanced options. During that process I change the size of the bounding box....

sometimes it works ? sometimes not so good.

I've taken to making, defining a lot of appliances as just face items, like the front of an oven. I've started to float those in plan instead of inserting into cabinets so that I can have both a correct opening AND good accurate 3D and 2d views. Still fiddling with that though.


Along those lines I might just make an induction or electric top from psolids and convert . That is likely an exercise worth doing. Symbols in general are worth getting comfortable with IMO.  There is some great stuff on the forum, especially from Joe Carrick (check the old forum too- go to the Chatroom to find a link that actually gets you there)


in the meantime since I have 2020 I exported a dwg from there and converted it for you. attached.

wolf 24 contemporary induction.calibz

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