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I am trying to find an easy and quick way to calculate the length for several different variation for wiring, trunk lines for venting and plumbing.

I have one central box (CAD box for example) and several polylines that are "connected" to it and am interested into the length of the polylines.


What I want to accomplish is that when I move the box the polylines stretch the end which is "connected" moves, the other end remains at the original position? I can quickly find the total length of the polylines, move the box and then again take the total.

Sounds crazy but AFAIK it is possible in AutoCad and other similar software.







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Select Stretch Cad (Edit>stretch Cad, or from a toolbar button)

Draw a selection box around your cad box

Drag the selected cad box to relocate it

The ends of the lines attached to the cad box will stretch and relocate with the cad box

The other ends of the lines will stay where they are


Here is a video


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On 8/20/2019 at 7:26 PM, peterttt said:

looks like I need to upgrade :-).


Doing something else reminded me of this thread and a possible solution for X10.

Draw your cad box and attached lines.

Select the lines and Open the dbx, on the Arrow panel, check Add Arrow.

You can make the arrow as small as you want so that you can't see it.

Note that Attach Head and Tail to Other Objects should be checked automatically.


Now select and move your cad box and the the end of the lines should stay attached and move with the cad box.

You can get the length of the lines from their dbx.

Or...., you could convert them into Molding Polylines and add a small simple molding.

The Material List will then report the individual and total lengths of all the lines and you can generate a new Material List for each change of geometry.


I hope this isn't too late.

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