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I'm having some issues with the layout taking a while to get to each next page (3-4 seconds each) and changing layer sets (3-4 seconds).  I meet the X11 minimum specs and some of the others on the forum.  I just upgrade my video card to a Radeo RX 580 8GB, with no resolve.  Any suggestions?



     Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.4 GHz

     16.0 GB RAM

     Win 10 64-bit

     Radeon RX 580 8GB GDDR5

     150 GB SSD  (90 GB available)


Plan size - 21.4 MB

Layout size - 420 KB




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It will depend on the plan file size and content.   Minimum specs are what it takes to run without crashing regularly.


You might want to post your RAM and CPU specs and let the experts weigh in.   GPU does not have much to do with plan view display.

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I would say your CPU would be the weak point as it looks to be a couple generations before mine and it is starting to show its age.


Still likely dependent on plan file size and content though as you could likely keep on working with your current setup for basic plans.

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4 hours ago, skoz44 said:

Would 2 GB video card and 8GB or RAM suffice?


Are you thinking of running Chief on an old laptop ?  Those specifications are getting rather minimal but it would likely run chief if nothing else was running.  Also depends on your screen size and resolution.


Your file size looks reasonable. Do you have any imported CAD or PDF content ?

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