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Hello all, I have a general question if you’d be so kind to answer.

is anyone using Chief Architect to design and draft for production builders?

This is more for those who use Chief in an office environment with multiple seats and drafters.


What is your biggest benefit using Chief?


What is your biggest setback using Chief?


how do you approach and present options?


Multiple users per project?


How many licenses/seats?



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I use to work for a builder that we did around 110 ± he had all designs for the customers to pick from once i got them on the computer I made changes from his sales department to what they could afford, sit with them to do a final once I did the preliminary and print there final plans, I was a one man operation in the construction department doing the drafting with Chief and could keep up with things, no problem using Chief. Now I am on my own with 2 lic. one of me and the other my son uses at night he is an struct eng for the state and I won't let him give that job up

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