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1 hour ago, Arielle_02 said:

How can I draw these cabinets on Chief Architect?

Easiest way to generate the frame is with a window. From that the sane thing is a CAD detail from view and make some psolids into the door But if you really want to go beyond that...

Here's one way, used pass through to create the frame, matching window with a shutter to generate door. Converted window with door to fixture symbol which is placed in a plan, deleted surfaces, converted shutter to a cabinet door. Lock the height of the door so it doesn't resize. Funny walls, niche and pass though and cabinet.
If you really want to deal with it open everything and inspect all the DBX and all the symbol tabs.

A better fit with the cabinet door would require working from a CAD detail and building a symbol. All in all a bit of work.

arch top cabinet.plan

Arch top cab.png

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