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is there a way to duplicate a plan view then rename and save that view.

after that is done can the call out labels be on in one view and off in the other.

 I turn on labels in one view then save that view. I then switch to the other view 

and turn off label and save that view now labels are off in both saved plan views?

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1 hour ago, robdyck said:

You can "save" a plan view, and you can "save as" for a plan view. If you don't have the tool on your tool bar already, just look for it in customize toolbars.


 Just a little tidbit here, but I actually just use the Save Plan View button for pretty much everything...


 - To save a plan view in its current state I just click as usual

-  To “save as“,  I simply switch the plan due to ”None” and then click the tool

-  To create a new plan view, I switch to “None”, change other settings as necessary, and then click the tool.


The only thing that you can’t really do  without using the project browser or one of the other tools is is open a new plan view in its own tab.

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