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Hello All,


  I've searched  and I can't seem to find the obvious.  How does one use a manufacturer color AND texture.  For example how does one use the Mastic Home Exteriors texture (Board and Batten) and assign one of the colors to it?  I can do one or another but not both.  Thank you in advance.  As you can tell I usually do construction documents and rarely bother with renders.

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10 minutes ago, solver said:

After changing the material, try this to paint a color.



Thanks Solver!!!!  I did finally found it after a couple hours of searching.  I was too intent on doing it in the dbx.  I didn't realize you had to do it in 3d.


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3 hours ago, Dermot said:

You can also blend the color in the Define Material dialog:


blend color.png


He wants to use the Manufacturer's Colours in their Library Dermot , so the usual way doesn't work as you can't assign them as the Pattern Colour it seems and only one (BAD) texture is provided.


There is something wrong with the Mastic B&B Texture , it takes 12-15 secs to update a Wall Definition with it and even longer using the material definition tool to open it once on the Wall. Also due to the Texture sizing, 7" x 7", it makes the Siding look like it is "banded" on the wall. Personally I don't think it looks like B&B at all , the Batten appears reversed to my inset....




Personally I don't recommend "painting" Exterior Walls from past experience.



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