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    • By decorators3
      I'm designing a 3 level home.. the main level stairs I want to use are  L shaped from 1st to second.  .I have attached PDF cross section of how I want the stairs to function.. and PDF of first floor showing no stairwell to basement..  I want to place a straight railing on first floor across stairwell as well as stair railing descending ( which is in place).
      I also need to be able to come in from the mud room from the garage on the fist floor.. so thinking I need steeper stairs to basement but not sure how to change the heights etc.
      Any suggestions are welcome.  I have watched the videos and I know you have to start from the bottom and work your way up but not sure how to get the look I want.
      cross section stairs PDF.pdf
      cross section PDF stairs.pdf
      first floor view.pdf
    • By MN_JohnH
      Here is an interesting issue, (at least for me)... I drew this stairway and created the stair well but when I go to a camera view, the wall comes in at the floor level. The basement is 11" thick ICF and the main level is 2x6 so in real life there is a lip on top of the ICF wall going back to the thickness of the 2x6 wall. I can't figure out why when I draw it like this the lip actually comes in at the framing level of the main floor. When I look at a cross section it actually looks like a section of the ICF wall is slid into the stairwell at that level.
      The floor trusses are 22". I have attached a picture of the project, I am already well underway with this, I am just trying to make some as built drawings so I can work on interior design stuff.
      I can probably make due with it as it is but I am just wondering if anyone wants to try and figure out what I am ,missing here.
      Stairwell issue.plan

    • By redThomes
      Hello, I'm a new comer to chief architect and need help building the attached stairwell.
      Please advice how to go about making this. The colored in area is drywall with built in wooden handrails.

    • By payettedesigns
      I am doing a story and a half  addition with a staircase in the rear corner of the addition. Chief balloon frames the walls around the auto generated  stairwell. My Exterior walls are 2"x 6" 16" O.C  which  is more than enough beef to hang the stairs on. I do not want to balloon frame these walls. I tried breaking these walls and doing a frame rebuild to no avail. I want to run plates on top and bottom and rim and band just like the normal floor platform. 
      There is nothing structurally wrong with the way chief generates it but it is a lot stronger to frame it the way I want. Instead of using open below I tried using a poly-line and cutting a hole in the floor platform but that is tedious for sure and almost impossible to get everything to line up. if I spent hours I could re-frame in 3D frame view  but that does not  even show up when you do a frame section of the wall.
      Any suggestions anyone.?
    • By morkas
      I am having issues with my basement stairwell.  I have studied an earlier post from Aprill11, 2016 (posted by ArtisanDeck and answered by Drawzilla) and I think some of my issue lies with terrain settings, but I'm having other issues as well.  I created my stairwell on the foundation level, then created a room above it comprised of invisible walls with no ceiling or roof.  I defined the room as "OPEN BELOW".  Here are my problems: 1) The walls on the first floor are not entirely invisible. 2) The room is not open to the stairs below (maybe due to my terrain specification).  See attached thumbnails.
      While I'm at it.  I have been looking for a Bilco (brand name - don't know what else to call it) door for the stairwell.  Does CA have one and I'm just not finding it?