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Hello & Help Please,


I have just successfully imported a symbol from Google's Sketch Up 3D Warehouse whereby I wish to incorporate into one of my CA drawings (pottery barn sofa set).  The sofa set was imported with the love seat, sofa and chair placed in a row.  I thought that upon importing this symbol I would be able to 'explode' it whereby I would be able to position the sofa set as I wished in my proposed living room, as I'm able to do with all the CA library items.  

Can anyone assist me in successfully 'exploding' this 3D symbol.  By the way, I am able to change colors etc via the materials specification dialog.



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When you "explode a 3D Symbol in Chief it becomes a set of Surfaces.


So what you need to do is then delete all the surfaces of 2 of the items (Chair and Love Seat for example) and then convert what's left to a new Symbol for the Sofa.  Do the same for the Chair and the Love Seat to get 3 separate symbols.

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