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Hey all,


I am wondering if there is a relatively easy way to overlay a model on an image with the correct perspective lines in Chief. I know Sketchup has a photo-match feature that allows for this sort of thing.  Can you export a chief model to a sketchup file? To people that have done this before, do you usually work most in photoshop when overlaying in Chief?


Thank you in advance,





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From my experience there is no simple way to do this but it can be done.


This one was done almost entirely in Chief with few corrections in Photoshop. I took a Google street view and applied it to a very large P-solid on the other side of the road. By changing the size of the P-solid and the texture(pic) positioning I could get things looking reasonable.




This one was done entirely in Photoshop. Rendered the model in Chief, placed it Photoshop and then on a separate layer I placed the background pic. It's tricky to get things to line up properly as there is a limit to how much one can stretch and warp a pic before. To get it right would take a real Photoshop pro.


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16 hours ago, Decorationarts said:

Are you using ? 

I have used it in over 20 of my projects, it is now a regular feature of my workflow, I walk around a building and take 8 pictures with my Iphone, I get full dimensions hours later. Might cost $30 to $50 per measure. 


Do you find the measurements accurate?

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