content from room planner not on plan after import


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Is there a reason why the content from the roomplanner file does not populate when you import the file to HD Pro 2020?

I uploaded the file to the cloud and after importing the roomplanner file after opening, I only see the walls and none of the interior furnishings.


Please advise, if I did something wrong or need to turn on a special display


But all my rooms are empty just walls and floors show up





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I just found this line on the chief Architect website:


Walls, doors and windows from the Room Planner plan will now be imported and can be further modified to your liking using tools in the Home Designer or Chief Architect desktop software.


I hope that I am not understanding this correctly:  After spending all the time on the plan in roomplanner - only the walls windows and doors move over when you import to HDPro 2020 or CA.  If that is the case, What is the point?


I must be missing something... If there are power users of the roomplanner and CA or HD integration, if you can;t import all of your designs that you have painstakenly spent time on into your software to further work on the plan on the computer. Why would you waste your time with roomplanner in the first place?


I really don't get it... Thanks for helping me understand the benefit.


I hope that I am wrong in my understanding.


Thanks in advance for helping me understand this better...




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