Changing Room Types for Multiple Rooms


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So I understand, if I have a master bath with a toilet separated by a door, there is no way to make the two "rooms" act like one master bath?  As shown in the attachment, the shower area also does not get included.

I can break a CAD polyline and drag it so it covers the toilet area.  But I have not found a way to save this a one area.  Just to re-check, can this be done?

Master Bath Area.jpg

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59 minutes ago, Joe_Carrick said:

Make the Wall to the toilet "No Room Definition".

But if you change the wall to no room def then you won’t be able to independently change stuff in those separate rooms right?.

If it’s for room name and area and you want to group them as one area then use a room area polyline that includes the shower and toilet  and give that a name and area etc. Instead of the room label. 

(I learned that from you, by the way)

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