Saved Plan View floor 1 sent to layout changes previous fl 0 view sent to layout to fl1?


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Hi All, 

I'm using all the default x11 templates, when I send floor 1 to layout it changes the previous fl 0 sent to layout to to fl 1?  I then have two floor 1s on the layout?  


I called it in, Chief said they changed some code and that I should send it as "Saved Plan View" None, then make a copy of active layer set and name it?   Huh?  Are they saying that saved plan view set is not ready for prime time yet?


They said it's dependent on how I change my templates, but I'm using Chief's templates?  


Anyone else experiencing this?


Thank you, 


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Saved Plan View Specification dialog "Use Any Floor" seems to allow the view separation to layout, works for now.  Training wheels until I understand the advantage of separating floors in Saved Floor Plan Views.

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