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I use both CA and Revit.  I'm trying to find myself just using one program, and i wish CA was more like Revit in the renovation area.  In Revit, walls are simply tagged as Demo, and then you just filter them on or off, in a Demo plan.  For making a Demo plan, you show the New phase, and set the filter so only previous phase (existing) and walls to be demo'd are shown.  You can make the existing light, and the demo walls dashed, or whatever.  This is the only stumbling block for me using only CA.   


This is for me the most serious deficit in Chief, and I have no way around it. I make a rough as-is to get critical measurements, but then I want to start playing with design ideas, and end up having to update and maintain two different plans. It gets even worse if I want to try another design option so I get three plans. I end up copying layers between plans but it is time consuming, easy to make a mistake and quite frustrating. I've discussed this with Chief in length and we can only keep repeating the request and hope to get traction. Unfortunately it is probably a substantial rethink of the code, and many existing users are either to used to it to be bothered, or haven't experienced any alternatives. In all fairness I guess, it's one of Revit's true strengths.

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Ncinus:  I do things "backwards"


I create the remod plan first as the clients usually want to see the options soonest


before creating the layout I then clone the remod plan as the existing plan

and rip out all the new stuff - this usually goes fairly fast


In the existing plan I set the demo walls to be hatched


then send both plans and views to the layout as needed


I did advocate for the ability to all versions/alternatives in one plan

that I think could be controlled if we had total layer and layerset control


but I no confidence CA will ever move in that direction



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