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I always put my drawing title, scale, etc in the Plans, Sections, Elevations and CAD Details.  In the past when I sent a view to Layout I would always need to "Suppress" the Layout Box Label.  This was an annoying extra step for each Layout Box.


So I did a little searching to see if I could find a Default that would allow them to be automatically suppressed.  NO SUCH LUCK.


So I then looked at the Object Layers for the Layout Boxes and found that the Label has a separate Layer.  That Layer can be turned off for display in the Template.


What I haven't figured out is where the Label Layer is assigned.  I know I must have done so at some time in the past but I can't find it now.

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Layout Box Borders and Labels

A border will display around each layout box when the “Layout Box Borders” layer is set to display in the Layout Page Display Options dialog. See Layout Page Display Options.

Layout boxes can also display labels when the “Layout Box Labels” layer is set to display. See Object Labels.

Automatic layout box labels display basic information about the original view in the plan. For example, plan view sent to layout from Floor 1 will have an automatic labelthat says, “1st Floor”. A camera view sent to layout will have a label that states the camera’s name. Layout box labels have their own edit handles and can be customized to include text as well as Object Specific Text Macros. See Text Macros.



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