Complementary professions/services for Residential Drafting/Design


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Other than general contracting/homebuilding (Design/Build) what would be a profession or service that would be a great complement to residential design/drafting or where residential design/drafting would be natural, beneficial compliment to it?  In essence, what other professions or services could be provided by one entity that would be valuable to the housing industry and be a natural complement to each other for business growth and sustainability. 


Real estate sales?

Home Inspection?



All thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Real estate agent


some builders buy lots on spec


then find a client that wants a custom house built on that site


as an agent you could help the builder find/buy lots


design the house


then as agent sell the house and lot to the buyer


some builders will even build the house and then home to find a buyer


also as an agent you can inform your clients and potential clients on your remodeling services


buy this house with its "problems" and we can "fix" those "problems" by remodeling



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