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4 hours ago, BlueRibbon said:

When creating elevations and send them to the layout they all are dark and the wall colors don't properly represent the drawing file.  In the attached file the walls are supposed to be blue, white cabinets & tile backsplash.

Blazich kitchen & Bath V-1.pdf


It is best to Post the Plan File in Question , there are just too many variables for an accurate answer , it'd just be a guess of your issue.


It is best to post Images from a Screen Capture , eg Windows Snipping Tool (In Accessories) , not PDFs , so that people can see the Issue immediately without having to download something , where there is a possibility of Malware etc. , so some peole just won't do it.


We also need to know what Software and Version you are Using as that can change the Answer ......most add that Infor to their Forum Signature , so they don't need to add it every time.



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