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On 12/5/2018 at 1:24 PM, KilianDrafting said:

Anyone have a preferred program they use to convert a pdf file to a .dwg file. I am looking for an inexpensive one.


I had a trial of PDF2CAD that I really liked. Had it for the longest time and didn't expire, when it suddenly did I was a bit short and not in great need so didn't replace it. So I've been checking some out recently as the need arose again.


Cheapest one I found that I like is a plugin for Draftsight, it works with the free version of Draftsight. I use TurboCad but gettng used to Draftsight so may go that way



THe most full featured one I ran across but as  expensive as Print2CAD. I tested this briefly over the summer and again recently on a different machine when they were running a sale. I passed but if you get a lot of PDFs and many with problems or have raster images in them it's worth a look.

Just noticed it is still on sale.


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Update on where I am with this now. I ended up getting Print2CAD in January because it was on sale and the graebert plugin cost more than I thought for a perpetual license.


It offers more features than any other I've come across but at first they were lost on me. It all was a bit too complicated and all the help is in videos (I prefer a PDF) Yesterday they had a free webinar which was timely since I had a PDF survey that I wanted to get real text from and couldn't figure it out. After the webinar I had a much better understanding of what settings I need and what I don't. With a little fiddling I got the survey converted and ALL text and numbers were placed on a new layer by the program.


Found out it also can calibrate a pdf to make dimensional accuracy perfect (yes perfect), can recognize walls if poché, can convert raster sections among other things.

Not the cheapest thing out there (on sale right now though) but I'm pleasantly surprised at this point. Again not a cheap option in the short term.

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48 minutes ago, Doug_N said:

Of course, if you have AutoCAD it is already included.

Yes it will import PDF (and for the money it should :) OTOH it won't convert raster to dwg,  preserve any type of text as text, calibrate for accurate dimensions some of the things I found useful with the one I mention. Here from Autodesk...

About Importing PDF Files


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On 12/16/2018 at 12:24 AM, Greg_NY61 said:

Inkscape is free and it's an awesome program.


Thanks for the Heads Up ,this Works well , and exports to .DXF  ( bit tricky to find in the Same As menu at 1st.)


It will also let you re-import the .dxf at a scale factor eg. 1:1.02 if you find things are not 100% accurate in CA .

ie the my last Drawing was 0.87ft off over 544.07 ft converting a Survey Plat from PDF.


It has it's quirks especially if you have multiple monitors (jumps around) and tends to minimise on opening a file, but not sure if that is just my setup so far as I've only used it twice for this now....


It is cross platform, open-source and free currently   https://inkscape.org/





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