Another polyline solid subtraction problem


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P-Line solid subtraction issue for me tonight. 

Suppose to make a timber beam that has an ellipse cut out of the bottom. 

I could ACTUALLY build it in reality as a framer but in CA I fail. 


I made a rectangular beam p-line solid.

I then made an ellipse the same width.

I laid the ellipse over the rectangle and checked the make hole box on the ellipse.


Evidently holes can only be cut when completely contained in the other polyline solid.

Autocad is much better at this kind of thing in my opinion.

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If you are after something like this.

Place two breaks in the bottom edge.

Use Change Line/Arc on the centre section.

You can use Convert Curve To Polyline if you require a smoother curve.


Ah, I just reread your post and noticed you need an ellipse and not a curve - same technique though.

New Image_167.jpg

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