Frankenstein solution to issue of objects blocking walls


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This newbie is surely creating unclean geometry by doing this but it is a nice quick fix.

if you have a roof on floor 1 that is not allowing a complete wall for roof on floor 2 just figure out what roof plane is covering the wall

and in the 2D view, make a ‘copy in place’ of the offending plane.

Then pull vertices to one side of the blocked section of wall and do just the opposite to the copy. For example, pull vertices south

on one and then all north on the other. Of course you must maintain the same shape of the plane while doing this. 

Can anyone think of a cleaner way to do this?

it would be nice if the software could give the option for any wall to pass through any given object so missing walls could be more easily handled.


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There should be no need to do this.

Things should build automatically.

I spend a lot of time looking at the plan you posted in another thread and finally gave up looking for a solution.

I believe the file was corrupted some how and you would be better to start over and get things to work automatically.

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