Window/Door Casing at Pony Walls

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Hi everyone, I'm a new CA user here learning the software.


Does anyone know how to exclude the exterior window/door casing at the lower stone veneer pony wall? I can't find anything in any of the tutorials or on here.


I'd like the casing to stop at the stone water table, and have the stone veneer stop at the window jamb, and there be a stone window sill. I assume this is a simple fix that I just can't figure out.

CA Window Casing at Pony Wall.PNG

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Adjust the size of the casing down so the stone stops where you want it.


Use a Wall Material Region for the casing.

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Thanks for your response, solver. 


So then there is no automatic way to solve this? It's not a major issue, as I can just always show it this way from now on.


Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!

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Wall material region seems like an odd choice for a molding. Why not just use a molding? While in elevation mode, simply add your molding profile to the windows as needed.

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