12:12 Roof to 8:12 over eaves?


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16 minutes ago, madcowscarnival said:

I was unaware of the term gull-wing roof and hadn't thought to use the options in the wall dialog.


Open the Build Roof dialog and check the Roof Styles panel.


The problem is the In From Baseline setting has to be 0 or more, so it may not work in all cases.


You can surround the structure with invisible walls and build the roof off of them.




Select the Exterior Room, Make Room Polyline, concentric resize it out, then draw the walls which easily snap to the polyline.


You can also use a copy of the plan. Build the low pitch roof in one plan and the high pitch in the other. Copy the roof planes from one and Paste/Hold Position into the other. You will still need to join the upper and lower planes.

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22 hours ago, chief58 said:

Like Tommy I learned the manual roof tools and being from a construction background I always build my roofs manually I like it better since I have total control of the roofs

Amen. Louis Fernandez (many years ago) mentored me and taught me how to do roof manually first. His thought was that if you can master manual roofs, then there's practically not a roof you can't do. Once you understand doing roofs manually, it makes it a lot easier to take an auto roof and edit it.

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