New Quick Way To Do Screen Captures For Windows & Mac


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FYI tip:

Some of you may know this but it was extremely helpful to me.

On Windows Vista, 7, and 8 use the built-in "Snipping Tool" (search at the start menu) You can do various snips: free form, rectangular, window and full screen. Select your area and a window pops up to save.


On Mac, press "command-shift-4" then click-drag over the area you want and the image is automatically saved to the desktop.


This makes it super easy to share an image on the forum.

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A few other options for Mac users:


1. Use the 'Grab' App. It's located in the 'Other' folder of the Launchpad. Works much like Windows' Snipping Tool, except it saves in the .tiff format. You can grab either a selection, window, screen, or timed screen.

2. Use Preview. File>Take Screen Shot. Again, you have the option of selection, window, or screen. This method allows you to save in the image format of your choice, which I like. 

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