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    • By Nate_M
      I'm drawing a plan for a second floor home office space that includes an elevator. The elevator is essentially a round tube with windows. I was able to closely recreate the look of the elevator by creating a round room with windows and a door. The problem I am having is that I cannot get the ceiling of this "elevator room" to go all the way up to the ceiling of the larger space it's located in. For some reason part of the wall goes to the ceiling, but other parts do not which leaves a weird gap around the top of the elevator. The entire space is a reverse gable, therefore it has a sloped roof/ceiling plane. I suspect this is part of what's causing my problem. Can anyone help me figure out how to get the elevator walls to extend all the way up to the sloped ceiling? I attached two photos to help illustrate my problem.

    • By Bob_DeWitt_PE
      Has anyone done / created a dumb waiter to go from the first floor kitchen to the second floor dinning room. Any Ideas?
    • By gobuildone
      I'm Running Chief X8, MS Windows 10 on SurfacePro3. 
      Building three stories over a basement.  Trying to create the Elevator Shaft. Elevator Shaft... 4 framed walls each floor to create a shaft for the elevator.  Walls are Aligned with walls below. I have stair ways where Open Below rooms eliminate the Floor and Framing like they should.  I have an atrium on floor 2 overlooking to floor 1, created with a railing and room Open Below... this works too (no floor).    
      But on each floor where I box in the Elevator Shaft with 4 walls, create the room, designate it as "Open Below" there is still framing and decking inside the Elevator Shaft.  I have "Rebuilt floors and Ceilings" and "Rebuilt Framing"  does nothing. 
      I have turned on and off Auto Framing. Deleted and Recreated walls Created the Shaft bottom floor first... and top floor first.  
      One thing I have noticed is that this plan has created a Center Line running front to back in the plan and the front wall of the elevator shaft is sometimes split when I draw it.
      Any Ideas on how to get rid of the floor inside the Elevator Shaft?
      Existing bldg plan 7.plan