My Chief program wont open


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Hey guy's,

Could use a little help. My Chief Architect program wont open and I'm not sure why. Please see picture below and you will see what opens when I try. I deleted the program and re-installed it a couple of times. I got it to work for a little wile but I am now having the problem again.

Any help would be much appreciated

Thank You


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Yes ok the little blue circle does not capture with the screen shot.  Maybe log out and back in again from your digital locker.  Something is messed up,  hope you can sort it out before tech opens in the morning.

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4 minutes ago, builtright3 said:

I just has that working circle and it wont let me do anything. I have to bring up the task manager to shut it down.

My internet is working great. I have three monitors and I can serf the net and open other programs even when CA is hung up.



I'd call Support Tomorrow , I have not seen that one....


Can you access your Digital Locker ?

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