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So I discovered.  When adding a new revision it is possible to apply it to one page or to all pages.  To edit, one must go page by page.  What a time waster!   Mind you, had I not made the error in the first place, that would have saved time too.  lol!

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    • By Ange822
      I am drawing someone's existing furniture to put into their new home design.
      I would like to modify the "Home Gym Weights" Object to remove part of it - is this possible?
      I am using Chief X9
      Please let me now if anyone has any recommendations / solutions to this issue.

    • By Sedona

      I have been struggling with this for sometime.  I need to rotate the lot (including the dashed setback line) 10 degrees counter clockwise.  I can not find the correct grouping to accomplish it, this maybe related to how close the house sits next the the setback.   I start with rotating everything 10 degrees and the try to rotate just the house back to 90. Instead it also moves the setback with the house instead of keeping it 30’ from the property lines.

      I have attached the file if anyone would be so kind as to give it a try or steps I should be taking.
      Thank you,


    • By Adam_Gibson
      The title says it all.
      Barrel Table 4 Seats.calibz
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      Simple Tree stump table that I modeled in Chief
      Shown here:

      Tree Stump Table.calibz
    • By Renerabbitt
      Just sharing some of my go-to symbols as I sort through my own library...enjoy!

      FINMARK DINING TABLE BY CB2 SKU 158972.calibz