measuring roof overhangs


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When doing as built drawings for a reno, I don't go overboard on being detailed and precise.  I do my best work on the building perimeter, floor heights, room sizes, window and door sizes and spacing, etc.  But like Michael said I use elevation pictures scaled to a known dimension to determine a lot of the unreachable parts.  I will need to charge a lot more money to buy a truck and drive it to a client's home with ladders and laser measuring tools to document the entire building to a T.


The interesting part is that most builders have a truck, a few ladders, and laser levels and a number of measuring tools, not to mention someone to hold the dumb end of the tape.  My drawings specify that the builder is to verify all dimensions of overhangs, eaves, roof pitch and heel height, among other critical dimensions around the building, to ensure the dimensions match within tolerances.  He communicates this to the truss designer, but if the tolerances aren't acceptable he will report the actual dimensions to me and I will update the plans.  Sometimes this calls for a small change order, but very rarely.

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