Whats the best laptop to buy for large walkthroughs


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I picked up an Acer Predator Helios 500 a couple months ago and it has been working out great so far. Chief runs wonderfully on it. My only two complaints are that its pretty heavy (not a big deal), and it won't fit in 90% of the laptop bags out there. Had to buy a large one on amazon. I picked mine up for about $1500. I went to the store planning on buying the slightly larger version with a GTX 1080 and saw this one next to it. I'm very glad I went with the smaller one; the 1070 is plenty powerful for what I've been using it for and I'd hate to lug around anything heavier.


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It would be Ray Tracing that caused the most overheating as it pushes the CPU hard on all Cores. MSI seems to have found a good cooling solution for the newer i7 6 core CPUs like the 8750H. I had a GP73-8RE for a few weeks but I found it had a bad USB port so it was returned and as yet I have not re-purchased but I didn't do any walkthrough with it sorry.


Someone posted last week about a good deal on one at BB in the US...i'll see if I can find the thread again.


found it :




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