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Here's another example and a potential benefit ??? of X10. As X10 has both Ray Trace and PBR you can run one of each and then blend them together. One of the issues with the current PBR engine is that it does not do a great job with reflections on horizontal surfaces such as counter tops, it also struggles with glass. Ray Trace has no problem with those items but does not handle indirect lighting from the sun. The big drawback is that Ray Tracing can take a long time to render a scene. In this example the PBR took 3-4 seconds but the Ray Trace took 5 hours.


X10 PBR Only.



X10 Ray Trace Only.



X10 PBR/Ray Trace Blend 60/40.


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As both the designer and the person who does the renderings, I am happy to look at a plan and see what your designer is seeing. I may have feedback for you in terms of a designer's expectations, as well as how to possibly render the images differently from a tech point of view. 

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On 11/2/2018 at 8:02 AM, stager386 said:

I am happy to look at a plan and see what your designer is seeing

Yes, I can send you the file plan. It is attached. Thank you so much! In the end, I did not ray trace at all. Instead, I exported the rendered image into photoshop and manipulated the colors. She seemed much happier with that result. I attached that picture as well. 

Kitchen 5.jpg

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      Our Content Development Team has been churning out new PBR friendly materials over the past few releases. These are materials that include a combination of Normal Maps, AO Maps, Roughness Maps, and Metal Maps. We use a software specifically designed to generate custom materials for 3D Rendering called Substance Designer. The program leverages parametric values to control sizing, colors, pattern, and other elements to generate unique tile-able texture maps along with automatically producing the other relevant maps need to create the effects that you expect to see in PBR and Ray Trace views.
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      I have been watching the video tutorials on exterior rendering primarily the lighting features and effects .  Can anyone tell me about  PARALLEL lighting placed facing the buildings exterior??? I can't locate  anywhere.  Cad arrow does not convert ...also where do I find the lighting for the interior rooms that show a yellow glow .  I've tried the electrical but only see the auto  LGIHT for ceiling which is a light fixture not a glow.
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      Hi, I'm a new Chief Architect user. I'm still in training and can't figure out this issue. My pattern texture isn't showing up in my Elevation Views. Something must be toggled off because this is affecting all of my materials not just the siding, I just don't know what it could be. The siding has the preset "Hatch" pattern Chief Architect has already, I attached a screen shot of the  Define Material dialog box too. Thanks in advance!

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      Hello All, 
      My name is Lauren Brantley, I am located in the heart of Virginia I specialize in 3D visualization/rendering services. 
      CLICK HERE to watch a video on my processes 

      To know more about my services CLICK HERE 
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